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Top Christian Kid Sites
Here are some links to other cool Christian sites. All of these sites are Bible-based.

Teach God's Kids
Teach God's Kids provides Bible Stories and Christian games.
Bible Kids
Bible Kids Site
A Kids Heart
An online play and learn site with free resources for kids and their teachers
Sassy's Place for Kids
Sassy's Place for Kids. A place for kids to read stories, color, solve puzzles and games, learn Bible verses and find new fun places to visit on the internet. Meet Sassy and her dog, Spanky. Visit soon and come back often.
Child of Christ
Child of Christ - a fun filled active environment. A fun place to be kid.
Bible Quizzes Scrambled Verses Paul
Bible games,children ministries, helping kids, parents page, games, puzzles, online story, reaching the children for God is what we do!

Parents Please Read!
These links are provided to enrich your child's Christian experience on the internet. We have taken care to include only links which contain material which is generally appropriate for Christian children. However, these links go to other web sites which are outside of our control. We would appreciate being notified of any information on any of these links which you think is inappropriate, so we can check it out and remove the link if necessary. These sights contain information related to Christianity in general, however, keep in mind that Christian religions differ. As you screen the information contained in these links, please keep in mind that on the internet, there is all kinds of material, put there by all kinds of people. And, there are no 'Internet Police' officers to regulate the content for honesty or morality. Please be sure to make your own value judgments about content and let your understanding of the Bible be your guide. Thank you for you help and consideration.

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